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The stunning waterfalls in Washington State are among the most beautiful you’ll ever see! Waterfalls can be seen in every corner of this lovely state. Some waterfalls are only a short walk from the parking lot, while others need a longer or more strenuous hike. As I have visited and explored Washington, I’ll share with you my list of 20 Stunning Waterfalls in Washington.

1. Palouse Falls, Palouse Falls State Park

Palouse Falls
Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls is at the top of every list of Washington’s best waterfalls! The Palouse River plunges 200 feet into a hole in the rocks in the heart of gorgeous and arid Eastern Washington. It’s really stunning! Despite the fact that it is not close to any major cities or towns, expect to see a lot of fellow waterfall enthusiasts in this lovely place, especially on weekends.

The Palouse Falls can be viewed from the roadside overlook or from the rim overlook, which is accessible through two flights of stairs. More views of the falls may be obtained by walking to the ends of the roadside overlook. The gravel walkways around the canyon rim also offer a variety of views of the falls, allowing you to try capturing photographs from various angles.

The state park offers three spectacular observation spots in addition to primitive camping. The lower observation point is easily accessible and is a popular place to set up a tripod or set up an art easel. Palouse Falls is surrounded by a remote landscape, so tourists should plan their trip accordingly.

2. Comet Falls, Mt Rainier National Park

The fall of Mount Rainier National Park is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Washington State. The Comet Falls Trail leads to the magnificent Van Trump Falls and many cascades along Van Trump Creek. Van Trump Falls is a three-tiered waterfall located 200 feet before Comet Falls, allowing you to cross two spectacular Washington waterfalls off your bucket list in one walk!

We managed to arrange our visit perfectly for a bold brilliant rainbow and the contrast of clear blue sky once we finally made it to this towering monster. The falls are seen from the trailhead’s namesake trek, which is 1.6 miles long. To reach the crest of the cataract, continue for another hard mile. Due to recent floods and debris flows, the landscape around the falls has changed considerably. If you’re looking for a place to stay near the falls, go here.

3 Myrtle Falls, Mt Rainier National Park

This waterfall is very stunning, and you can see Mt Rainier behind it from below, making it highly picturesque! It’s also close to a beautiful wildflower meadow and a number of other hikes, including the Skyline Trail. On a paved route, it takes less than half a mile to get there. I had to believe this was one of the busiest waterfalls on this list, as it was only a quarter-mile walk on a mostly paved route from the main part of Mt Rainier National Park.

Nonetheless, this atmospheric stroll allowed us to see glaciers lowering the snowy peak of one of the Cascades’ trademark mountains, while the waterfall gave us a reason to appreciate this confluence of beauty even more. And that lifted everyone’s spirits to the point that we had to put this beautiful waterfall in the list of stunning waterfalls in Washington.

Plan to spend a full day here if you have plenty of time. There are several trails leading from Myrtle Falls to other waterfalls, including Sluiskin Falls and a hike to Nisqually Glacier. Prepare to see mountains around the Paradise area.

4. Spray Falls, Mount Rainier National Park

One of the best waterfalls in Washington, Spray Falls is located in the northwest Mowich Lake region of Mount Rainier National Park. This 350-foot waterfall cascades over the edge of a cliff after a modest 2.25-mile trek. Spray Waterfall is a more challenging hike that requires climbing a steep incline to get the finest viewpoint. If you’re looking for a buzz, this is the hike for you.

Hikers begin their trip by taking a short part of the Wonderland Trail, the park’s only hiking trail that circles Mount Rainier. As it winds its way to Spray Falls, the trail undulates and passes through the Eagle’s Cliff viewpoint, which gives a spectacular view. The cloud of mist from Spray Falls lends credence to its name after a short offshoot trail to approach the falls.

Spray Falls and back is a manageable day hike. The trail continues into Spray Park’s alpine meadows for a more challenging hike. During the summer, the wildflower meadows of Spray Park are in full bloom. Spray Park has a significant amount of elevation increase, so tourists should plan on spending the entire day there.

5. Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie

Snoqualmie Falls
Snoqualmie Falls

This famous waterfall is located less than 30 miles from Seattle, has a very impressive volume of water crashing down. There’s also a lodge with world-famous pancakes! Expect large crowds all year, but don’t let that stop you from seeing this must-see waterfall! The path is broad and well-kept. Undoubtedly this is one of the best waterfalls in Washington.

The area surrounding the falls was an important meeting ground for native cultures long before it was featured in the opening credits of the cult classic TV program Twin Peaks. With an informative path and lodge nearby, visitors can now experience the gravity of the falls. Summer provides the hottest temperatures and the most visitors to Snoqualmie Falls. The springtime brings the highest flow and corresponding snowpack to Snoqualmie.

The lower observation deck, which is quite interesting and offers a stunning view from all sides, may be reached by a trail. Dogs are welcome at Snoqualmie Falls as long as they are kept on a leash at all times. This is a great place for family photographs, so bring your camera and tripod.

6. Lewis River Falls, Southwest Washington

Along this long and mellow trail through old-growth forest along the Lewis River, there are no less than four magnificent waterfalls. If you don’t feel like walking 9 miles, you may turn back at any point along the path and still view some of the waterfalls. Falls Creek Falls is divided into three portions, and when you finish the hike, you’ll reach the lowest area of the falls, which has a partial perspective of the other cascades. You can either halt here or scramble below or over the waterfall to get a different perspective.

When you arrive at the park, the moss-covered forest around Lewis River will astound you. Large cedar trees, prehistoric stumps and logs, and rivulets of running water can all be found here. Lewis River Falls is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in Washington. To reach the falls and photograph the splendor, bring your camera and take amazing pictures.

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