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When planning a trip to Texas, you would not think to include waterfalls in your trip, but there are several stunning waterfalls in the state that are well worth visiting. They can be found in a wide variety of extreme environments, including deserts, canyons, grottos, and caves.

Precipitation at Big Bend National Park, in the far southwest corner of the state, adds gushing waterfalls to the arid terrain. Madrid Falls, located in the nearby Big Bend Ranch State Park, need a hard hike to reach. Miniature waterfalls dot the piney landscape at Boykin Springs, on the other side of the state.

Here are the 17 Stunning Waterfalls in Texas:

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1. McKinney Water State Park

McKinney Water State Park

The McKinney Water State Park is home to some of the beautiful waterfalls in Texas. The waters of these falls, which are located near Austin, rush over limestone rocks, providing a lovely scene for all visitors. You’ll be happy to hear the voices of nature and the amount of calm they have at one of Texas’ most popular waterfalls near Austin. Visiting these waterfalls is a must if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

McKinney State Park is comprised of two waterfalls: the upper and lower falls. The upper falls have towering cypress trees that provide shade for visitors. A mile away are the lower falls. The two rivers, Williamson and Onion Creeks, meet here and flow across a broad limestone bed. Despite the fact that the McKinney Falls are not particularly tall, you must be cautious of the rivers’ gushing waters. An entry fee of $6 is required to enter the park.

Entry Fees: $6

Timings: 8am — 10pm

Location: 5808 McKinney Falls Parkway Austin, TX

2. Pedernales Falls, Pedernales Falls State Park

Pedernales Falls are not particularly tall, but their spread across the river is spectacular. Pedernales Falls State Park is located in Texas Hill Country, where you can hike to the river and fish. The waterfalls fall over limestone cliffs, creating several shallow pools where fish can gather.

The entrance fee to the state park is $6 per person. On every day of the week, the park is open. To see Pedernales Falls, hike 0.5 miles to Twin Falls Natural Trail, or take the longer 10-mile single-track trail to see other areas of the river. Swimming I not allowed but, in some places of the park, tubing and swimming are allowed.

Even if it isn’t raining at the park, the Pedernales River is prone to flash flooding. When visiting the park, pay heed to park announcements and be aware of the symptoms of a river surge (water becomes muddy or begins rising).

Entry Fees: $6

Timings: 8am — 5pm

Location: 2585 Park Rd 6026, TX

3. Gorman Falls, Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park is one of the best state parks in Texas and home to one of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls. Gorman Falls is accessible by a three-mile round-trip hike. The trail going to the falls is mostly rocky and shadeless, and it can be slippery and muddy after a downpour. Gorman Falls, a 70-foot-tall spectacular, is, however, well worth the effort.

Gorman Falls is a large, wide waterfall that looks like a curtain coming down the mossy rock wall at low flow. It’s a real water-wall flowing down the woodland scene during higher flows and it is one of the amazing waterfalls in Texas. Gorman Falls, the state park’s most prominent feature, with a well-marked and easy-to-follow trail. Colorado Bend State Park also includes 30 more miles of multi-use trails, as well as tent and RV camping.

The falls are secluded, allowing people to escape from the outside world and connect with nature. The views from the top are spectacular. Although Texas has several waterfalls, this is one of just a few that flows all year, even during the scorching summer months when rainwater is sparse. There is a 200-foot elevation difference on the Gorman Falls walk. The hike is suitable for dogs.

Entry Fees: $5

Timings: 6am — 10pm

Location: 2236 Park Hill Dr, Bend, TX

4. Hamilton Pool Waterfall, Hamilton Pool Preserve

Hamilton Pool, one of Texas’ most popular swimming holes, is a jaw-dropping grotto built by erosion millennia ago. The jade green water, from underneath a large limestone outcropping, appears like it belongs on another planet. After a good rain, come witness this small yet powerful waterfall pouring from the granite ceiling above.

The river flows down fifty feet from limestone cliffs into a shallow pool that gleams green in the sunlight. Hikers and swimmers can cool off in the searing summer heat by visiting the peaceful pool near Austin. Although the Hamilton Pool Waterfall is not the broadest or highest in North America, its beauty, foliage, and swimming area make it one of the best waterfalls in Texas. Aside from the fall, the surrounding area’s flora is also worth seeing.

Entry Fees: $8 — $11

Location: 24300 Hamilton Road Dripping Springs, TX

5. Cattail Falls, Big Bend National Park

best waterfalls in Texas
Cattail Falls

Most tourists are unaware of these stunning waterfalls, which have managed to escape the notice of the majority of visitors. Cattail Falls, which is located in Big Bend National Park, also includes a trail for hikers and adventure seekers. The trek goes for 3 miles and is not for the faint of heart. However, those three miles are well worth it when you witness the splendor of the oasis after you’ve completed the hike.

The Chisos Mountains’ magical charm is not marked on the national park map. Hike the Oak Springs Trail and look for signs for the Cattail Falls Trail along the way. However, keep in mind that the environment around them is rather fragile, so be careful not to harm anything while you’re there. This hike, fortunately, is rated as easy and takes you into the area’s canyons. The National Park Service is trying to preserve this region, so no swimming is allowed in the pools.

Entry Fees: $6

Timings: 8am — 6pm

Location: Big Bend National Park, TX

6. Madrid Falls, Big Bend Ranch State Park

Madrid Falls is located within the 300,000-acre Big Bend Ranch State Park in West Texas. Although it is one of Texas’ tallest waterfalls, its significance is hidden, therefore it is not the most popular waterfall to see. The backcountry journey to the waterfall is what keeps the people away. A long journey to the trailhead and technical hiking to the overlooks are part of this backcountry adventure.

Those interested in seeing the falls should travel to the Chorro Vista Campground next to the Rio Grande, which is located deep within the park. Within Chorro Canyon, three distinct hikes lead to different vistas of the 100-foot Madrid Falls. Each trek traverses steep and difficult terrain. It is necessary to have a trail map and route-finding capability before visiting and this is absolutely one of the stunning waterfalls in Texas,

Entry Fees: $6

Timings: 8am — 6pm

Location: Big Bend National Park, TX

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